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Hey there! I’m Scott Becker, your friendly neighborhood Data Analyst. I provide data analyst services to various clients, all with different needs. I have a knack for finding stories hidden in mountains of data and bringing them to light. Picture me as a data detective, using my business intelligence tools to turn cryptic numbers into meaningful insights to steer your business decisions.

When working with Google Big Query and MS SQL Server, SQL has been my faithful sidekick for years. I can effortlessly sift through massive datasets and perform complex calculations with these platforms. It’s like having X-ray vision that sees insights where others might see only numbers.

Next in my arsenal is Python, another trusty companion in my data-sleuthing adventures. I am adept with libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib. These tools help me to clean, aggregate, and visualize data, effectively turning me into a data translator who bridges the gap between raw numbers and the people who need to understand them.

Excel is yet another feather in my cap. I use this versatile tool to create pivot tables, run SUMIFS, V, and XLOOKUPS, and visualize data through charts. Like a Swiss Army knife, Excel equips me to rapidly manipulate data and uncover insights, informing smarter business decisions.

In addition to all of these, I also have experience with Microsoft PowerBI. This powerful platform is my canvas for painting interactive data visualizations and dashboards. With the aid of DAX and Power Query, I can perform intricate calculations and transformations on data, making it dance and sing in PowerBI. It offers a dynamic and interactive approach to data exploration, simplifying stakeholders’ understanding and decision-making process.

All these tools and my experience in using them empower me to turn raw data into actionable insights, driving your business decisions. But the world of data is ever-changing. I’m constantly learning and adapting, ready to apply my passion for data to help your organization make informed decisions and reach for the stars.

The video below describes the advantages of hiring an Independent or Freelance Data Analyst. Please give it a watch. It sheds light on how to save time and money with freelance services. 


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