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How I Use Digital Marketing Analytics to Help My Clients


Google Marketing Platform:

Hey there, I’m your go-to Digital Marketing Data Analyst with a track record spanning over a decade. I’m a seasoned navigator of the Google Marketing Platform universe, honing my skills in Google Analytics (GA), Google Ads, Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Search Console, Looker Studio, YouTube Analytics, and Google Big Query.

Think of Google Analytics as your business’s crystal ball, allowing you to track and analyze website traffic, user behavior, and conversion data. With a decade-long affair with GA, I’ve guided countless businesses in understanding customer journeys and supercharging their marketing efforts. I’m a whiz at setting up GA tracking, tailoring reports, and creating advanced segments that bring user behavior into sharp focus.

Google Analytics 4, the latest iteration of Google Analytics, offers rapid, precise, and actionable insights. As a certified GA4 maestro, I can help you unravel its new features and potential, turning it into a game-changer for your marketing endeavors.

Google Ads, on the other hand, is your marketing megaphone, allowing you to reach your target audience across the vast web. With over a decade of experience, I’ve assisted numerous businesses in realizing their advertising dreams through effective campaigns, fine-tuning ad copies, and landing page optimization. My prowess extends to advanced Google Ads features like conversion tracking, audience targeting, and strategic bidding.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is akin to your website’s personal assistant, helping manage and implement marketing and analytics tags without pesky code changes. With my GTM skills, I can streamline your tag management process and guarantee accurate tracking of your marketing and analytics data, making website management a breeze.

Picture Google Search Console as your website’s fitness coach, helping manage your site’s visibility on Google Search. My expertise can boost your search engine rankings, resolve technical issues, and keep tabs on your website’s performance on Google Search.

Looker Studio, previously known as Data Studio, is like your business’s own artist, crafting interactive reports and dashboards that bring your data to life. Through Looker Studio, I can help your business make data-informed decisions and bolster your marketing strategies.

YouTube Analytics, meanwhile, is the pulse check of your YouTube channel and video content. My experience in setting up and analyzing YouTube Analytics, understanding audience behavior, and fine-tuning video content can rev up your audience engagement.

Finally, Google Big Query, the cloud-based data storage solution, is the warehouse where your business’s data lives, allowing you to store, process, and analyze substantial volumes of data. With Google Big Query, I can integrate data from various sources, perform data analysis, and whip up custom reports, driving data-based decisions and improving your marketing strategies.

And the magic doesn’t stop at Google! I also expertly wield tools like Screaming Frog and SEMrush in my digital marketing arsenal.

Picture Screaming Frog as your website’s very own personal detective. It’s a website crawler that inspects your website from top to bottom for SEO issues. With my proficiency in Screaming Frog, I dive into the nitty-gritty of your website, examining it for potential problems such as broken links, duplicate content, or metadata concerns. I then use this insight to polish your website to a shine, ensuring it’s in peak performance for user experience and search engine rankings.

SEMrush, on the other hand, is like having an all-knowing marketing guru at your disposal. It’s an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit that offers valuable data on your competition, keyword research, site audits, and content optimization. I leverage SEMrush to monitor the competition, dig up golden keyword opportunities, and optimize your website content. This results in a formidable digital marketing strategy that sets my clients apart and gives them an edge in the competitive digital landscape.

With tools like Screaming Frog and SEMrush in my utility belt, I provide an added layer of deep-dive analysis and optimization that turbocharges my clients’ marketing efforts. The added insights and strategies that these tools offer can be the difference between a good marketing strategy and a great one. So why settle for good when you can aim for great?

My vast experience with the Google Marketing Platform makes me a powerful ally for any business aiming to enhance its marketing efforts. Whether it’s tracking website traffic, managing ad campaigns, or diving deep into data, I’ve got the knowledge and the skills to help you reach your goals. Give me a shout today, and let’s explore how I can help your business hit the bullseye.


WHAT PEOPLE SAY: A couple of my clients have been gracious enough to write reviews. Please see below to see what they have to say! 

Scott Becker – XL Digital Media  “Scott has given our business amazing in depth business intelligence. This information has allowed us to make incredibly wise business decisions on audience direction, spending allocations, valuable website corrections and tweaks from: load times, audience behavior, age demographics, page relevance, content evaluation, etc.” “Scott has helped us move forward armed with the right tools of insight. Our profit margins have risen by twenty-five percent from his expertise. We are extremely grateful in the many ways he has helped us to streamline our business, increase our presence and expand our market share.”

Jim L. Provence –Colonial Services  


“Scott Becker and his company, Xl Digital Media provided the initial website design and set up for our E-Commerce website,”

“Scott was instrumental in getting our business on the World Wide Web and helping us to promote it. His knowledge and expertise in such areas as WordPress set up, blogging and web analytics, along with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization techniques, helped us establish our digital footprint and grow our online business.”

“I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone wanting to take their online business experience to the next level.”

Sharla Alford VialGuard


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You can see more about my Digital Marketing one my other site: XL Digital Media

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