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Hi, I'm Scott M. Becker. Digital Marketing Data Analyst & Cloud Engineer.

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Google Professional Data Analyst Certificate


Scott Becker: Your Data Detective Awaits

Hello, data adventurers! I’m Scott Becker, your data detective. With a hat-tip to Sherlock, I have a magnifying glass aimed at SQL, Python, and Excel, dissecting complex data to unearth hidden truths.

Digital Marketing Sleuthing

Need insights into your website traffic, ad performance, or customer behavior? My toolkit includes Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager. Let me be your guide through the digital marketing maze.

The Cloud’s the Limit

Working with Google BigQuery, I can offer your business lightning-fast, robust data analysis. Whether it’s querying large datasets or custom reports, I’ve got your back.

Heads Up: Google Universal Analytics

If you’ve not yet saved your Universal Analytics data, take note. The service ends on July 1, 2024. Let me help you keep those precious data files for your records.

Your Privacy Matters

Discretion is my middle name. I sign NDAs with all my clients, ensuring your data stays yours.

AI and Machine Learning: The New Gumshoes

Are you confused about AI and Machine Learning? Think of AI as the broad term for machines doing ‘human things’ and Machine Learning as a type of AI where computers learn from data. They’re not just trends but powerful tools that augment my sleuthing abilities. I use advanced tools like ChatGPT-4 and Google’s BARD to bring even more depth to my work—making me the Sherlock of Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Cloud Engineering.

Ready to solve some mysteries together? Reach out, and let’s crack the case!


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I had a little fun with Artificial Intelligence. I used ChatGPT to write the script, then to clone my voice and read the script. 

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