Excel Pivot Tables and Charts









You can download the Excel spreadsheet from /Oct Data on My Github Page

The spreadsheet contains tabs for Oct Vitals, Oct Rides, Oct Power Meter, along with the Oct Pivot Tables and Oct charts. (Note – It is too large of a file to preview on Github, due to formatting.)

Oct. Excel Pivot Tables and Charts


A sample of Oct. Rides color coded by Ride type. 


Pivot Table 1 = Summary of Oct. ride data showing sums of total distance, calories burned & averages of speed, cadence and power broken down by route and date. 


Pivot Table 2 = Combination of 2 pivot tables broken down by date, showing average heart rate, weight, BMI&, body fat %, muscle mass (lbs) before rides, and average heart rate, max heart rate and total calories burned during rides for the corresponding dates. 


Chart 1 = bar chart showing averages of speed, cadence & power broken down by route. 

Chart 2 = line chart showing blood pressure, & heart rate by date. (Note – data did not start getting collected on all of these until 10/14/2022.)

Chart 3 = average heart rate, weight, body fat& and muscle mass (lbs) on ride days. (Note – not all ride days had complete vitals.) 

Chart 4 = average and max heart rate with total calories burned during rides. 

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